Interactivity is the fusion of magic with reality. Real situations approached in a playful way, make the learning process smoother and facilitate the communication of feelings.


The stories incorporate, through an enchanted forest and different characters, the challenges of the children’s everyday. The adventures encourage team spirit and solidarity.

In Interactivity, the characters go from the magical universe of the Rolls' Forest to the real world.




Interactivity is an action for the children, that can be conducted at schools, associations, groups or offices.


The project is developed, defining:

  •             General work or goals;
  •             Participants or target audience;
  •             Subject or title;
  •             Methodology to be applied;
  •             Duration of the action;
  •             Deadlines that include the finalization with results evaluation



The goal can be specific, such as material for the waiting room of some office or a day with the characters, addressing a chosen topic.

It is also possible to include a more comprehensive action - evolution of the school calendar subjects, including research, content development, presentations and tours.





The methodology to be applied varies according to the need and availability of the agenda:

Through the Internet, with interaction of the characters, video stories.

Making books or booklets.

Development of playful / pedagogical material - for school activities or for offices or associations.




Face to face meetings - storytelling, playful activities, theater of feelings.