Interactivity Experience

In the second half of 2016, I developed the project Interactivity in the School, with the 2nd and 5th grade  of the Plácido de Castro State School, in Porto Alegre - RS. I was invited by the teacher Maria Lúcia Duarte from 5th grade, with the collaboration of the teacher Isabel Coelho from 2nd grade.

Project title:

"Knowing Rio Grande do Sul with new friends".




It was 2 months of student research and contact with the characters via Skype.

Printed support material with the theme Estórias Diferentes (Different Stories), culminating with a face-to-face event on October 20 and 21, where students presented songs and dances from the gaucho folklore.





They also played the little ones from Regolish, from the Forest of Rolls!

Each in his/her own way, representing the character who identified the most. A hip hop-like performance!




The 5th grade students opened the Literary School Fair with a handicraft exhibition and release of the research material about Rio Grande do Sul.

A work integrated with the characters from Different Stories.




A tour was held to know the SOGIPA (Gymnastics Society of Porto Alegre) with memories of the German colonization. Games in the park followed by snack and theater.


I participated in the activities, accompanied by the characters in felt, developing games:

Managing feelings and meeting friends


Tips from Teo - preparing the outing to SOGIPA


Theater of feelings - dramatization through masks of joy, sadness, fright or anger.



A closed Facebook group has been created exclusively for the dissemination of the photos, comments and descriptions of this event.




In November, I sent to each student a personalized book combining their research and the experience of the meeting.


Farewell to the Meeting.